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oh my gosh!!! i was really surprise when i heard that he made a rendition of the song “can you feel the love tonight”….woah! and the first time i heard it (just a couple of minutes ago and it is still playing OVER and OVER again…) i absolutely loved it…i really cant get over it!!!

IM REALLY A FAN! i love it, i love it, i love it!!! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT…


i can feel his heart and soul..the passion is really there…that is what i love about him…he could just stand on stage do nothing, still you could feel the magic- his voice is really talking to your heart and the love is really just around the place…he really got me…

HE WILL BE MY FOREVER AMERICAN IDOL, i love how jason castro worked his own music with his beautiful face, lovely dreads and angelic voice match with his soothing and very relax and laidback personality plus the “ukelele and guitar on the side”…but nothing beats “the soul of the real white boy from richmond virginia”…

i really can feel the love tonight, hope you also feel it….he certainly never fails to surprise me..he made me appreciate the song and he made me not just like it but absolutely love it..ive never been a huge fan of disney (OST) songs and elliott worked it out!!


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a path with no end…


It started with bliss,

Hard to explain

Difficult to define;

If I just known that my life

Would be like this,

I should’ve not let myself

Fall into this;

I’m trapped, and

No matter how hard I try to escape

I cant, I’m stuck


I was never informed that you’ll

Be coming into my life;

You are a perfect surprise, and

To my amazement you

Became a song that played

In my mind, over and over again

I don’t know how to stop;

I danced to the beat, and

Sang with the melody;

Oh boy! This thing makes

Me crazy…   


I tried to resist,

Kept my fingers crossed;

Hold back my feelings, and

I kept trying to convince myself,

That this is not happening; and

You are just one of those colors

in the rainbow waving hello

In my own damn illusion


Perhaps this is what we

call deeper meaning of what really

lies ahead; we basically don’t know

how this thing will end, but

We still put ourselves into this situation;

where there’s really no end…


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not so long ago when i got the chance to sign for this blog and finally fill this with my wildest thoughts, cheezy points of views, my own words of wisdom and principles in life plus all the blah blahs that makes my life so perfect (as to how i define perfect)…i actually dont know if there’s someone dares to click my site and read my whatever stuffs…and so what if no one reads this- as far as i know im doing this because i love letting my mind be heard and let my fingers do the talking… “thats it!!”

i dont know how to start this…i dont know where this thing will go or end, sometimes or should i say most of the time i would get my pen and my magic notepad and start writing and just write whatever thoughts that come to my mind without thinking of “hey what are you doing?!?what are you writing about?!?whats the title of your masterpiece?!?”–and my answer would always be…I DONT KNOW-what an answer right? but really im like that…at a snap of a finger i could think of something and write a one full piece of my creation for just an hour or less and after that- i would read it again and then that is the time i already know what that piece of crap is all about then thats the time i would give NAME to it….WEIRD, isnt it?!?

i dont know if thats a talent..maybe?!?some of my friends always tells me that i have “the gift of writing”- so maybe this is really a gift…

but as for me if you would ask me-maybe i would say that yeah it certainly is a gift but its really more than that…

its pouring your whole heart into it; finding every piece of a word to make it your own; giving life to every sentences and lines that you are creating…its not about being linguist or a writer by profession but its more of letting your heart and soul do the business…it is making every literary piece live their own world…it is really the PASSION that works, plus the DEDICATION that you give to it…

for me that is what the talent or the gift that we call “OUR OWN”…im not only pertaining to “the gift of writing”-but the talent as a whole…whether you have the heart for music, you have an active feet for dancing, you are a dedicated actor/actress, you have an eye for art- you draw, paint or sculpt perhaps…you have a blood of an athlete, you can formulate a concoction for a perfect  food for the gods…there’s certainly a handful and a cupful of talents that i missed to mention but “we know who we are and we know what and how we are made of-all im trying to say is …

our talent will always be our talent-there’s alot of things that could be learned…but the one that you are holding right now will always and never will be gone…LOVE IT; OWN IT…-because thats yours…no one could take that away from you…it is only YOU that knows what you truly have and no matter what happen its YOU who knows how to lift that talent to GOD and use it with purpose…

so whatever your talent maybe-mold it, give life to it, use it…if you can sing “sing your heart out”; if you dance “dance like there’s no tomorrow”; if you act “act like your the greatest artist that exists”; if you draw, paint and scupt “make a masterpiece that will make everybody whoah!”; if youre an athlete “live like youre the legend that every athlete should know”; and if youre patissier “make the sensational pastry that no one could forget”…

make the best out of your BEST…only HEART can make a simple and plain craft to a magnificent work of the art…only PASSION can make a straight melody to a wonderful and purely eccentric symphony…and only SOUL can make a pale and lifeless painting to a more vivid, meaningful and surreal peinture… 

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oh my gosh!!i can not believe it- DAVID COOK won…i hate it!i hate it! i hate it!-i super hate it!!!-yeah!this might be the most talented american idol season ever but this is also the “manipulated american idol ever”…why?why did cook won-i really dont get it..

but speaking of the finale…i love the performances!!!just like what i imagined-castro performed and he sang “hallelujah”-its fantastic!!!he is still the same- “the goofy castro” as usual…he is amazing “a stellar performance…he might not have the most powerful voice but he got the most powerful performance “he captured everybodys heart and soul”..i just wish there’s already a great video of him singing that song but the videos were still not good …i got goosebumps while i was watching him..

carly and michael johns brought the house down…they were really good!!!wohoo….


i dont have so much to say though..

all i can say is “i was again disappointed!!!”

a lot of stars were seen on the finale-i cant mention them all sorry…some of the performers were american idol’s very own “carrie underwood and jordin sparks” george michael and bryan adams were also in the house…the sensational jonas brothers, zz top and the phenomenal one republic were there smashing the nokia theater…


of course the top12 opened the show!!


and before i forgot…our very own “REYNALDO LAPUZ”


he walked on the stage and sang his very famous song- I AM YOUR BROTHER, even paula and randy stood up and make there way to stage!!!its amazing with all the bands with him and all the cheering squads around…he surely entertained everybody..

i am very much disappointed..i want archuleta to win because he really does deserve it..but hey just look at the brighter side of everything “he would surely knocked cook down”-just like daughtry did to mcphee and how elliott yamin pounded taylor hicks!!! lets just see “WINNING IS NOT EVERYTHING

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whoah!!!the performance night was a blast…it would be more interesting if castro was there on stage (here i go again…)but hey!!it surely had been exploded for lil david (archuleta i mean)…he worked his heart out literally, what i mean is that im really having goosebumps while im watching him- i could really feel his whole heart and soul…he really gave his everything to his performances…he really is a great performer i must say, compare to cook-im not going to say that he is no good at all but based on i just saw and heard “yah!he could sing-he is a skilled and yup perhaps talented young man but folks i cant feel anything whenever he is singing…im sorry but for me the SEASON 7 AMERICAN IDOL IS….DAVID ARCHULETA…i just wish i wont be disappointed again…please please….not again!!!!!

i love archuleta when he sang his first song “dont let the sun go down on me”-whoah i really could feel his magic working on each and everybodys heart, tickling every soul, and making every heart beat double…whooo!!!! archuleta knocked cook down…i just feel like cook underestimated lil david (just a wild thought…) here’s the video of his performance…for me that’s his best performance of the night!!! i cant wait to see the result show tomorrow…more molten hot performances waiting…



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hhmmm…so what can i say tomorrow is the day for the two davids…its the performance night…wohoo!!i cant wait for the result the day after…im goin to see castro and the rest of the top 12…i just wish he will perform solo just like elliott yamin and chris daughtry did back on season 5…

and speaking of the battle between cook and archuleta…hmmm who am i rooting for?!?do i have one?!? the answer—NO!!!i dont have one!!but if you’ll ask who i think would possibly win?!?let me think?!?

david archuleta

this cute lil fellow blow us away with his charm and amazing voice, surely he will continue to make our jaw drop…no doubt he is judges and crowds favorite…can he win it and be the next ameican idol?!?probably the youngest american idol who win the AI…well lets find out!!

david cook
this white boy who melt us away with his fantastic arrangements of his songs and what a performance every performance night..but can he rock it all out and be the next american idol?!?can he be the first rocker americal idol?!?well we still dont know…lets wait till the votes had been casted off…

back to who i think will win the season 7 american idol…i think if JUST talent would work it out—cook will win but if talent plus popularity plus charisma then that would be archuleta…but hey! thats just my verdict…lets just see…im really not excited at all on whose goin’ to win the title but im excited to the finale’ because im going to see the rest of the top12 (plus castro of course!!)…but they’re both great singers though so i give props for them!!!

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i barely do not have something to do…i am so bored so why not make something out of my non-productive hours!!!

these are some of my friends’ forwarded messages and their life’s point of views – i dont know what i was thinking when i read their messages and heard them saying those words…and out of my wildest mind “i texted and commented them back with my own twists of perceptions and opinions”…

from graxa ^_^,

moment: :c

i thought im over him but when i saw him my heart says “here we go again”…and it really breaks my heart when i knew he’s heart was already taken and is holding with someone else…he promised he’ll be back, he said he’ll get there but now he keep me hanging…i feel so doomed! and now im walking with no where to go…

i say ^_^,

sometimes no matter how tight we grasp the rope that we are holding on for so long, the best thing to do is to let go not because we’re tired and perhaps we just want to let go but rather it is because that rope is the one that causing us so much pain- we may not know it but when we look closely to our hands it is profusely bleeding because of the rope that we hold on too tight for so long… sometimes letting go is not an option but it is the only thing that we must do…

from chery ^_^,

everything changes they say…but me?!? i dont believe in that- some things just stay the same…your favorite color MIGHT still be the same when you reach 50’s….friends you had when you were a teenager CAN still be with you til your 70th birthday….and MAYBE, just MAYBE- if your LUCKY…the love you always had your entire life will still be the only one you had ever want til the day you die…

i say ^_^,

as for me- if you said that some things stay the way they are and you are certain that some things stay the same…you dont need to use MIGHT, CAN, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE and IF YOUR LUCKY- there is no assurance at all; no certainty…sometimes or most of the time you barely dont have to know, you just have to believe that “things WONT change and it will NEVER change…(now thats more certain right?!?)


one of my groupmates said ^_^,

its quite corny naman if your saying some sweet notings to your loved ones and i feels like im a different person when im doing some sweet things (nakakahiya…)

i say ^_^,

me?!? ive always been open about my opinions and perceptions in life…but ive never been that open about my feelings towards my loved ones…i find saying i love you cheezy and corny but as i mature i learned that loving is supposed and meant to be childish, silly and corny…so forget and drop everything of yourself and tell how much you love them!!!

one of my groupmates said ^_^,

i still dont have plans of having a serious relationship all i know right in this moment is that i am enjoying her company and i want that thing to keep on that way…

i say ^_^,

never ever tried to be sweet with someone else if you dont have any intentions of more than something else…because in the end its not her whom you hurt but its more of you kill and imprisoned your own emotions…you may not feel it but certainly its killing you slowly…

from bevs ^_^,

we used to think that life is a fairytale…full of magic, exciting, vivid…but that was a long time ago-now we know that there is more than just “happily ever after”…we have learned that we get wiser each day, and no fairy can lead us to a happy ending…”we decide; we struggle”…and somehow we begin to understand that we have the power to make each day better than yesterday!!

i say ^_^,

yeah!there is no such thing as fairytale and there is no fairy that can lead us to a road of happy ending but one thing is for sure “we can live our life the way we wanted to be…we wont see ourselves flying with tinkerbel or peterpan but we can see ourselves enjoying our own WONDERLAND- living the dream that once became our fantasy…yes! no one can ever lead us to the happy ending road but we can lead ourselves to “our own HAPPILY EVER AFTER LAND”

 so that’s it…what can you say?!?sorry if have a lot of says to everything sometimes i cant help but shout those thoughts that my heart tells…but its good though because i can share some thoughts to others…


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