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YONG the cartoon

while browsing one of my friends multiply page i saw the pile of cartoon pictures..these pictures are actually a cartoon counterpart of her barkada…i was so entertained by it so i decided to create my own…thanks vivi!!


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sony ericsson t630

waaaahhhhh!!!!i feel sooo bad, i had to say my goodbye to my old phone buddy…i shot it down…i totally miss my old phone…it is already an old unit sony ericsson but i totally totally loved that phone, probably because it had been nearly 4 long years since i had it plus it was really handy and i find it really cute :)…you know just like any other stuff when you have for so long and you lost it or you just really have to let that thing go…huhuhu…anyways it was really my fault though…

samsung Z-170

i got a new one but everytime i had a glimpse of my old phone i just certainly missed it!!!so cheesy right…but hey!its just me…


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waaaaahhhhhh!!!!oh my gosh we really didnt expect that we will be going back to the community for the presentation…it was all set that the presentation would be on 4th week and the rest of the 3rd week would all be alloted for the preparation and all that but why? why on earth that we have to present that early? the notice was soooo late!!! we barely do not have something to present in the first place!!!!

we tried our very very best to talk and call our CI asking them to give us more time to prepare but they didnt give us any they told us that we could bring all our materials and prepare everything right there and then…waaaaahhhhhh!!!! what should we do???? but do we have any choice?!? the answer—NO…whether we like it or not, prepared or not—WE HAVE TO DO IT!!!! oh good lord please help us finish everything up and be able to pull everything up….


everybody was not prepared…we were all worried of whats going to happen-if we could be able to finish it or not…bahala na! basta we have to get going….

so when we arrived at the place just like the previous week, we have to buy all our foods and supplies so we did…the only difference now was we also have to buy evrything that we need for the presentation….THERE IS REALLY SO MUCH STUFF TO DO…we barely do not know where to start!!!haiiiizzzz!!!

recharge…recharge…after this,we were all in the HUNGER STRIKE!!!



but for others…it was time to go and run for ourlives!!!we have bought snacks for presentation, supplies for decoration…and many many more…whew!!!


after buying everything and eating we were all headed up straight to our jeep and set to go…just like what i said no time to eat and all time for work…

 no good breakfast…no time for lunch…no good food….waaaaahhhh thankd goodness my lord for the loaf bread and canton…

we were all freakin’ starving to death!!!



after lil break…work work work again…look at our spot map…its a total blank!!!we were all worried especially ate gen “how are we supposed to finish this thing up? lots and lots of things to do…

morning has come and we were still not in a very good shape…we have to finish the spotmap, the decoration of the stage, the foods for the presentation plus “the one to be presented-THE DATA” one more thing we still have to have a dry run!!! the clock is ticking and few hours before the said presentation we were still hanging on to not finishing everything…

everybody had not been fully rested…we had to got up early to wrap things up….we were all drained and exhausted…NO DINNER last night, NO BREAKFAST and LUNCH …”how are we going to make this without energy?!? we were all tense and worried…




our stage…backdrop…and not so energetic folks…



whew!!!after the last drop of blood…we finally finished everything up…its the moment of truth..verdict time!!!     


2nd installment..Community Immersion Week 3: THE PRESENTATION


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haizzz…im back!!week 2 of community immersion…where would i start? of course from the very start…hahaha

JULY 29, 2008

so just like the previous week i woke up early early as a bee, around 3AM but here’s the catch my luggage got tamer hahaha i still got 2 bags but a lot lighter…so my dad was not around so i had no choice but to walk on my own…huhuhu scary but its ok!i finally arrived at the waiting place by 5:40AM lucky me graxa was already there…

after few more minutes around 6:30AM while we were waiting for the second bus we were all shocked when one of our groupmates have told us to went up in the 1st bus because our CI was already there and we have to leave…whew! he had no choice but to go in…only our gruop have been there in the 1st bus and the rest were all in the second bus…so sad but just like what i have said we had no choice…

we have finally arrived at silang around 8:30AM our CI have given us roughly one hour to have all our groceries done and after that we were leaving…unlike last week me and averil have already prepared a menu for the rest of our stay…i prepared to cook sotanghon con chicken and ampalaya and adobong kangkong with sliced pork…

after grocery…we went up straight to our service “jeepney” and we were all set to go!!!


after lunch we were all headed out for different job to finish…the surveys, interview of barangay officials, tallying etcetera etcetera…i feel like we were again back in our “AHSE MOMENTS”-house to house survey, data collation, interview of officials, tallying, problem identification, prioritization, justification, project proposal plan, presentation of data….waaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! its all coming back….DEJAVU…

at nanay penny’s house…graxa and jackie’sfoster family…


kulitan blues…


we stayed up soooo late just to finish all the tallying and data collation because we dont have more time to gather all these things ths week was our last day to wrap thing up!!! tiring, draining, exhausting but still nothings beats the kulitan moments that makes difficult things as light as feather…soft, light and gentle as a wind…so even if everybody’s really tired and all drain we still find ourselves enjoying because we were working as a FAMILY…

at nanay aning’s house…soooo late at night…



 JULY 30, 2008

sun up til sun down we were all pumped up. jumping up and down just to finish everything up…waaaahhhh when will this thing end…


lil break for snack…yummy suman cassava (if that’s the right term…)


everybody’s really starving to death…hahaha craving for suman!!!


superrr duperrr overrr timeeee….we all look like zombies…and all feel sober…


JULY 31, 2008

sunday we were all set to attend the mass…


after the mass…

some picture taking and again interviews…


tams up…and down…hahaha our moment to make kulit!!!



at the bus…now we feel tired…or maybe not..hahaha kat’s transformaion…




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sonicflood live in manila

waaaahhhhh!!!! i feel soooo bad…sonicflood will be having a concert here in the philippines this coming friday august 15, 2008 and guess what both of my sister will be watching their concer while i wont be able to make it….i hate it! i hate it! i hate it!


SONICFLOOD is one of those PROUD CHRISTIAN bands and certainly one of my favorites…I LOVE their songs and i really really really love to be BLESSED and SING WITH them PRAISES but I CANT…waaaaahhhhh i have to be in some place finishing this thing called “community immersion” a part of our related learning experience  or simply school stuff….

waaaahhhh…it kills me…i wanna be there…singing and being blessed…i so wanna be there!!!!!


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“you are forever loved”

The flower is slowly dying; the raindrops keep falling,

The sky cries as your face gently fades,

Your smile shadows every

Corner like a soft breeze that brings man to life.


The leaves have withered, the soft wind carried

You back to shore while you laid your back

And allow the blow to carry you away…


Life is too short we know, the rain keeps falling

The tears keep running. Why so sudden?

Why did you let the wave carry you away?

Why did you bid goodbye?


Letting go is far than reality,

Saying goodbye is more than kiss of death;

But the gentle light talked and whispered to you

Saying time has come…


No its not forever, its not goodbye

Go on, your journey has just begun

Your precious heart and pure soul

Our dear, you are forever loved…


to our dear Yui-may you find your peace with our lord saviour



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