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February…time for bunch of red roses, boxes of chocolates, fantabulous and sophisticated dinner dates…hmmm what more?!? literally love is in the air!!! LIVE and LOVE… 🙂 but above all these things…feelings is “the most important”…love just simply because “you love” nothing more and nothing less…


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opm 2009:captured



106732784_609162cb41_oso my 1st opm song for the year 2009: captured by christian bautista feat. sitti…i totally love the lyrics and the vibe of the song!!!loved it!



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new love:james morrison

james morrison

i super uber duper love james morrison…he is an exceptional singer…i dont know how to describe him. you should hear him sing and im pretty sure you’ll gonna love him…seriously,seriously!!!!his songs this boy, you give me something, wonderful world,broken strings and a lot lot more will make your heart melt away with his very soulful vibe (he reminds me of elliott yamin)…i am not kidding at all!!!

james morrison singing wonderful world…

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new love: gavin degraw


hmmm how will i start this thing…i know gavin degraw he sang the very famous “i dont want to be” (which elliott yamin sang in AI5) and “chariot”….and thats it, im not a very big fan not until michael castro sang “in love with a girl” in his AI audition…after i heard him (michael) sang gavin’s song i started browsing and checking gavin’s others songs….

oh my gosh!he is freakin’ awesome…his songs belief,untamed, next to me (wait a minute sister), she holds the key and alot more just knocks me off my feet!!!hahaha funny right? but seriously i love him…I AM NOW A FAN!!!

check out his myspace page…click here!

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Elliott Yamin Talks About His Next Album

elliott_210x280Yaminians everywhere will be thrilled to know that Elliott Yamin is close to releasing a sophomore album and, according to USA Today, he has lots of ammunition. He estimates that he has about 35 recorded songs to choose from for the CD!
‘”Obviously, not all of them are going to make the record,” says the Season 5 American Idol finalist, “but I’ve had time to branch out and work with as many people as possible.”‘

 The as-yet-untitled effort is due out on May 5, and Elliott has reportedly worked with some uber producers, like Jermaine Dupri, J.R. Rotem, Eman, and Stargate. According the article, Elliott says that a song called “You” is a “really hot track” that has “single potential written all over it.”


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i know, im pretty late updating my blog…my bad, my sched just freaks me out!!! thank god my class tomorrow had just been cancelled…wohooo!!!

so yeah!as a JASON CASTRO FAN! i am soooo thrilled when i first heard that michael “the guy with rainbow color hair” castro will be auditioning for the 8th season of american idol…and what thrills me the most is that “HE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET! and he is off to hollywood!!!


singing inlove with a girl by gavin degraw


he got some attitude and personality…i love it when he told the judges about “him singing 20 days before the audition”…he sang “inlove with a girl” by gavin degraw and it was fantastic, simon even quoted it as “GOODISH” which is basically not bad according to michael…kara dioguardi actually liked him and commented that “he is cocky”…paula said “youre fun” while randy?!?speechless…


i guess we’re seeing more of him!! GODBLESS to him…CASTRO FANS! get ready! castro fever is again SET TO GO!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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whats with her?!ok lets get straight to the point, she is one hell of a hot gorgeous young lady…she probably CAN sing but her in AMERICAN IDOL?!? i dont think so…lucky for she’s beautiful and she wore bikini…

one word: HORRIBLE

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