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ok! so i just checked my mail and i saw that there were some comments about what had happened during the campaign held last February 23, 2009 at mini-auditorium (that’s what im talking about the last time i blogged!!)

i couldnt blame them to react that way, i myself i was disappointed and i was offended even though im not the one involved…im disappointed because i never thought that someone could ever do that and im offended because “i think RESPECT was literally dissed off!!!

so im not here to react but im here to share what others have to say…i think not all FEU-IN students read their mail so its all here!!but again if youll happen to read this from any of the two parties…just take it 🙂 i cant change the facts, the damage is done!! 😦 😦


[feuin09] Bad KAISA campaign the_dark.exorcismus the_dark.exorcismus@yahoo.com

tsk tsk tsk. what have you done KAISA? you brought shameful controversials among yourselves. BAd, very bad choice of words gurl. you are campaigning to earn the trust and not making a rally. in my eavesdropping, most professors and students alike are questioning the appropriatness of your choice of words, and an increasing number of people against you. in my opinion, you really did wrong. you offended not only the people you’re getting at, but supporters and classmates aswell.

another funny thing is, i heard people who showed support in your campaign are not actually pertaining to what youre referring to, but to your …(pardon to my choice of word) ….”chaka” image. no joke, seriously, that’s not my words, its from other students, heard by accidental eaves dropping. and you were not permitted to campaign in certain classes by other professors who heard the bloodcurdling speech.

i, too was offended, you don’t even know those people personally (maybe some but i personally know THE guy). change doesn’t happen rapidly, and takes time for a NOTICEABLE result.

still, i can’t say the ends of your choice of ways. but be wary of your play, you never know what’ll happen next.

[feuin09] Re: Bad KAISA campaign shinzaboo shinzaboo@yahoo.com 

I agree… I’ve been a KAISA supporter since I stepped in IN pero sa mga sinabi nung presidentiable na yun, grabe. para sakin, di dapat nagfofocus ang isang candidate na tirahin ang past administrations, dapat magfocus sa plataporma. hayyy… its asure (-1) vote for kaisa presidentiable >.<

[feuin09] Re: Bad KAISA campaign sherice_aj sherice_aj@yahoo.com 

The campaign of the KAISA Party held on the 23rd of February, 2009 at the mini-auditorium was very divisive for the most part.

On average,it is very uncanny for an someone lower to show audacity of
criticizing someone from the higher level…

It was indeed a courageous act; alas, instead of being an inspiration, that girl wreaked more off-putting remarks as follows:

>i wonder what has occurred in her mind to act that way…does she want to be in headlines?.. .was that publicity? Is that her way to win?–to act like stupid and to be talked about…LOL ^_^ ROFL ^_^

>she shouldn’t have bad-mouthed the other party…she was so foul that it heated the whole episode…if she thought that she was just being true to herself, well she’s wrong…remember that there is a GREAT DIFFERENCE between being true to oneself and being vulgar and rude…

>the courage that she thought that she displayed during that moment doesn’t make her great…she should’ve thought in the first place that what she’s vying for is not an easy task…she must be aware of the system of moderating a council before she jumps into conclusions and make comments…she should have something better to prove before she brags of anything else…

> she should’ve thought about her words and her actions before she showed them because she’s campaigning to be a leader of a multitude of nursing students…I exclaim that, that is not a right leadership! Is that how she wanted the students to think of her? A homely animal who came out from nowhere, who then just got into the city… well, she should act accordingly for what she did was very barbaric…her actions were no less than the movements that we occasionally see within the skirts of Manila…

>leading is not driven by emotions alone; reasons and actions are also a part of it…based on the campaign, I saw that she was not being professional… I perceived that she is too young for the job…no decent
person on his right mind would ever do that…my God!!!

Whatever I said on top are the pointers that has to be born in mind…if she really is CHALLENGED to CHANGE the CHAKA Administration, she should start with herself because most people are fronted with demise not because they’re stupid or weak…but for the reason that they have problems with their attitude…

It is much to my—or rather our dismay that it was actually the aspiring president who showed disrespect to her senior…it was actually her of all the campaigning officers who contends for the highest position an IN student could ever have…

Let’s say that the screwed damn thing was not her whole idea, but still, she was the one who committed it without even any discretion; so, her name has the biggest blotch and it’s all because of her impulsiveness…


these are all copied and paste…no alterations made…


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2009 OSCARS:best dressers



while everybody’s going gaga and crazy on who won and everything..im here to talk about my TOP 3 best dressers!! i know im a bit late but well hey this my own update anyways… 🙂




Jennifer Aniston-she looks stunning and amazingly gorgeous…the dress just naturally fits het! 🙂 i love the simple yet very elegant look…truly simplicity is beauty 🙂






anne hathaway


Anne Hathaway-she looks perfectly beautiful…she stoodout with her dress and she has this “sophisticated smile” and she carries herself so well…





kate winslet


Kate Winslet- she looks  stunningly gorgeous…with her  gray to black dress match with het elegantly beautiful jewelries, with a simple yet eyecatcher hair and make-up…

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im not into politics or anything that deals with all the authority/ power chaos thing…i just want to point out something especially to those aspiring INSC leaders and ofcourse let us not forget the US voters…

im not connected to neither of these two parties nor im not here to campaign any of them…also im not here to write that KAISA is better than TAPAT or TAPAT is better than KAISA- that is not my thing and that is not my problem here…im writing this because of ONE HUGE REASON…

yesterday (february 23,2009)-supposedly holiday for all the students but not for FEU-IN students we still have to attend class (believe it or not) oh well lets drop that holiday thing…what im trying to say is both TAPAT and KAISA went to the mini-auditorium where we held our class and as usual trying to win EVERYBODY’S vote which is i thnk a good thing, why?!? of course as a voter you want to know if they are deserving or not ( kesa naman boboto ka ng hindi mu kilala yung iboboto mo di ba?!?)

1goal 1team 1passion

1goal 1team 1passion

TAPAT went 1st…if im not mistaken our current INSC president came from TAPAT and i will not forget the “souljaboy stuff” that they use to caught each and everybody’s attention which i think was very effective (most of them won….) back to what i was saying they feed us with all the information that we all need to know but ofcourse words is never enough and it should be proven through action….if the students will trust them and they will again win its all in their hands to put ALL their WORDS into ACTION…if you want to know more of tapat they have their own site…click the link!Liga ng TAPAT




 and here comes KAISA-carrying all the equipment that they need to win everybody’s heart and convince everyone to vote…the question “are they successful in winning our votes?!?” just like what tapat did they feed us with all their projects and all the program empowerment…i will just repeat what i said words wont and it’ll never be basis of anything unless you will put each words in ACTION…if they will win i hope they could pursue all of their projects…im trying to search a website but i cant seem to find one…all i can find is the sandigan party no separate kaisa site…well if youre still interested click the link! SANDIGAN


TAPAT :i think they are all excellent speakers especially their PRO and PRESIDENT…fair player and i love how they present their AIMS in theme:

    • Oneness
    • Institute Student Congress
    • Effective communication
    • Uplifting of Moral Values
    • Transparency
    • Improve Socio-Cultural Relation
    • Unwavering Empowerment
    • Honing Leadership and Management
    • Pursuit for Academic excellence

KAISA: they have this inner-confidence which i think is a good thing…im not sure they all have the HEART to serve but im willing to give them a chance to prove themselves…a nice thing about them is that they have a list of COMMITTEE PROJECTS:

    • IN Student Handbook (which i think a very good thing)
    • Sgt. at Arms for Discipline Committee
    • In Star Olympics
    • IN digeneous games
    • Student-Faculty Counterpart
    • Acquaintance Party
    • Send-Off party
    • Recollection
    • Spiritual Meditation
    • Student Facilitators Program
    • Monthly Masses
    • Faithing Circle
    • Lamp Autonomy
    • INMM/INTAC Empowerment
    • RCYCC Empowerment



this is for both parties not just for KAISA or TAPAT…incase any of the two parties happen to read this, accept this as a constructive one…


healthy competition is always but a good thing…if your party wants to win then prove it…trash-talking is not a CHARACTER of a TAMARAW NURSE i believe in clean, peaceful and friendly competition…its not good throwing some words to people you hardly know…plus you can prove your point by merely stating the facts in a very intellectual, sophisticated TAMARAW NURSE way…some or most of the people might be hurt and if you think that you just prove your point you might end up REALLY REALLY SHORT!!!!


according to great man theory: LEADERS ARE BORN and NOT MADE but as to how behavioral theory describe what leader is: LEADERS ARE NOT BORN THEY ARE MADE…  

you may have all the knowledge for you to become a great leader but always bare in mind that ATTITUDE counts…you cant be on the top if NO ONE will ever believe, NO ONE will ever trust, NO ONE will ever put their HANDS on you…you cant win the game of ONE vs. TEAM…

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where are you?

where are you?

hmmmm..HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE!!! im doing this blog primarily because i dont have anything to do…obviously im soooo bored to death…hahaha

a lot of people i assume are busy preparing and sooo excited waiting for this very day…well cant blame them today is the “LOVE DAY”….enjoy! wink wink 😉 😉 but for some-like me i guess (hahaha…still waiting for that special someone…)

so maybe im one of those very few questioning the world…WHERE ARE YOU?!?in the first place-why did i ever come up with this question?!?huh?silly me…hahaha

but seriously…have you ever had this question cruising in your mind?!?hmmm just wondering?!i remember the song i was so fascinated with…even now i still love this song…

“i know he’s out there”…


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our favorite guy right here has a little surprise for everyone…as for his valentine gift…”his song fight for love” premieres on AOL popeater!!!lets vote!!click the link!

fight for love AOL!!

im loving the new song!!!cant wait for the new album…may i just say “fight for love will be a huge hit!”…

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i know theres alot of yaminions dying to hear his new song “fight for love” and i wont be selfish here’s the full “fight for love” version…i absolutely love it…wohooo!!! this is another big hit!!! 🙂 enjoy!!!click the link

elliott yamin fight for love!

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elliott himself talked about his new album tha’ll be out may 5…and ofcourse his sizzling hot single “FIGHT for LOVE” that will be launched march 10…

oh my gosh!!!i can hardly breathe!!!his voice literally makes me feel weak!!!i truly truly love him…

check out the link from mjsbigblog!here! 

cant upload the video so here’s the link!youtube link!


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