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yay! its my birthday, getting older? yes! definitely!!! but getting wiser? that i don’t know!! kidding aside, this year had been a twirling, tumbling and twisting year for me and my family…

***let me start with a bad note late February til early March 2009 my lolo miguel had been hospitalized  for weeks…the worst part was that i wasnt able to visit him because i still have classes to attend…my tito and titas from the states got home because he’s getting worse and worse…the weirdest of all weirdest was that, it was a reunion after all but the sad part is OUR lolo just bid goodbye…

***i graduated last April 2009 (whew! it’s not a drop a sweat, i mean it’s a brain, nerve and body draining to death!!–oh well yeah in exaggeration of course!!!)

***i passed the Nurse Licensure Examination June 2009 ( yeah! it was all hard work! and every ounce of sweat and all the sleepless nights were all paid off! i got a pretty good grade!!!)

***then “unemployed me” came along 😦

***another bump, September 2009 mom had to undergo TAHBSO because of the growing mass…it was really a challenge for the whole family because we need to be strong for she’s hypertensive plus she has cardio problem, added to that she’s also diabetic (she’s already showing the early signs of DM)…more over she’s 59 years old!!! but thank god the operation went really well, no further complications and she recovered really fast!!! the mass growth turned out negative which means its benign!!! early Christmas gift indeed!!

***and another bump comes along, September 26,2009 typhoon ONDOY smashed the house…thank god the whole family were there and we have 2nd floor!!!! i couldn’t believe that, that thing actually happened and of all the people im one of those thousands of pinoys who actually experienced it! it was sooo terrifying, seeing how the flood rises from ankle high, to knee high and it went up and up and up…then all of a sudden you became sooo helpless and all you can do is watch how cabinets, bar, dinning table went up side down…the refrigerator and the heavy washing machine suddenly floating…and everything went chaos!!! we were stuck in the middle of  dirty muddy and smelly flood for god-sakes!! for two days we were like camping inside the house…the whole village was all pitch black! and here’s the thing after the flood we didn’t know where to start! form outside to inside- ALL DISASTER but above all we are still thankful that everybody in our family is safe, sad to say 2 of my papa’s dogs (bulilit and puti) died because of ONDOY now we’re down with just two dogs (panget and taguig)…

***December 2009, a happy and gay Christmas with the whole family!!! the big lunch is always good…quite different because of a healthy christmas lunch!! veggie salad and some white meat!!

*** and here comes me and my sister’s birthday!! nothing new it was just we’re 1 year older!!!

my wish-a fresh and good start! that’s it…god bless to me!! yay 🙂


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its december 19,2009…christmas is soooo fast approaching and so is new year!! yeah before the year end let me share you my top 10 songs!

10.VIVA LA VIDA-COLDPLAY– the first coldplay song that i actually love!!!

09. POKER FACE-  LADY GAGA– im not a huge fan of supah dance songs/beats, not to the extent that i went GAGA over her songs but i like one…POKER FACE (it’s just that- very catchy even daughtry had his own rendition which by the way love it!!!)

08. IM YOURS-JASON MRAZ– i have always loved him and i love him more because of his song IM YOURS (really really good, the beat urgh it kills me!!)

07. WHITE HORSE- TAYLOR SWIFT– love love love the song…now its too late for you and your white horse to catch me now!

06. YOU BELONG WITH ME-TAYLOR SWIFT-very very very sweet young lady, beautiful and super talented…she is a newbie but she just went straight up to the top!! way to go barbie girl…

05. YOU FOUND ME-THE FRAY– i just love the song plus matt giraud sang it on AI season 8…love the lyrics and love the voice!!

04. HUMAN NATURE-MICHAEL JACKSON– i wont forget june 25,2009 King of Pop died…it was really really sad…all the staions have their own tributes, many people were mourning including I, and amongst all of his song this is one of my favorite…

03. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME- ADAM LAMBERT– i know, i know adam made a huge huge mark about his AMA’s performance, but well maybe im just a big fan! i still love him though…plus it is indeed a pleasant song…

02. TOUCH MY HAND-DAVID ARCHULETA– i totally love this guy!!! love the lyrics, love the beat, love the voice!!! he is making a big name for himself…kudos!! note: we share same birthday! how cool was that!!

01.MAN IN THE MIRROR- MICHAEL JACKSON– my ever favorite song of late “King of Pop”….love love love it!

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