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Philippine Politics– over the years it is getting dirtier and dirtier instead of getting better and better...so disappointing! and now that National Election is fast approaching what do we expect? Our very own POLITICS looks like a pool of junks, others do think that it is some kind of entertainment…but ALL of them are claiming to be the BEST

while U.S. is making a big if not a huge jump from last year’s recession, us Filipinos are being terrorized by bunch of crablets mediocre

we are all fascinated on how United States and Japan rule and be great…we are being mesmerized by how Singapore managed to climb their way up to where they are now…but our government is doing what? busy filling their pockets millions and billions of nations funds, and if not watching how many Filipinos die of hunger and drought because their minds are being fed by one word- corruption, corruption and corruption

funny?!no its not…if i were to judge them i would say “shameful”, harsh as it is but that is the damn truth! i hate politics and i don’t give a damn on any of them but hey! I am Filipino and I am one of those over 80 million who suffer every time ONE shameless crocodile feeds himself shamelessly

how i wish they could read this, all of them!! it is disgraceful…


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