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It was never a secret, that I am papa’s little girl…I literally grew up doing every single thing that he has been doing, I actually thought that I would end up following his footsteps as the next “family’s electrical engineer” or worst “mechanical engineer” like him… But kidding aside I have always looked up to him as “the world’s best papa ever existed”, but then again I am being biased. I love him.

And on the other hand, Mama and I. Well I can’t hide the fact that next to ate Nang, I was her next great pain in the ass. No, I’ll rephrase that “I am still getting through her nerves (not everyday) but most of the time she’s mad, I was the one to blame”. We have this thing “the love and hate re-la-tion-ship” sweet right? Funny that despite of our very sweet mother-daughter relationship, all I ever wanted is to be just like her.

Yes! I want to be just like her.

Not for once did she ever give up on being a mother, a protector, a supporter and a lover all at the same time. I know I am a very difficult daughter (god knows how difficult daughter I am) but never did i felt doubted and taken for granted. She is nothing but an angel, a warrior and a queen in one, better than any other instants nowadays.

Her temper is worst and her patience tolerance is somewhat below zero maybe negative to the nth power but I will never trade anything for her.

She never gets tired of doing everything for us. She just keeps doing every single thing- limitless, without any restriction and no expiration. She taught me more than the words that she could mouth and that is more than enough for me to keep on pushing to be a better me.

She is more than a mother who can cook, do the laundry, and wipe the entire house clean. She is no superwoman- I have seen her cried and wept, vulnerable as ever, doubted her capabilities, and have sacrificed a lot of things, but beyond those imperfections, insecurities and inequities I have seen her stood up a million time and she gets even better and stronger every time she pulls herself up. I have never seen such dedication, love, and compassion like she has. And for that I thank God that he blessed me and my family “the world’s best mama ever existed”.

To the woman that I will forever love and hate at the same time. I love you that you never gave up on me and I hate you that despite of me being freaking stubborn you still love me…

For the angel that i will forever love- A genuine and a pure heart that i truly admire. For the warrior that i will forever looked up to- The strength and the undying courage that you possess, soft yet firm encouragements that you always share. And for the Queen that i will never let go. I LOVE YOU MAMA.


Mother, Mama Dear and Mudra … Happy Mother’s Day! I Love You… I cant promise to not be pasaway na, but Ill try to be less pasaway. Mahal kita, alam mo yan kahit favorite mo akong pagalitan… Thank you for everything. All I ever wanted is for you and papa to be proud of me (I know you do but i want to be better) … You deserve all the love in the world and a lot of better and greater things in life. 




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