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My father is my hero, my heart and my soul…. I grew up certain and sure of my principles, values and standards because of him. He made me someone who can stand amidst adversities. He made me comfortable with my own skin and just be on my own self without merely compromising my stand on what i believe in.


He is a kind of father who just know what to say on every situation and every circumstances that comes to our way. He is a kind of father who is soooo cool yet sooooo strict at the same time. He is a kind of father who will do everything for his daughters. He is a kind of father who is so loving and always ready to accept our shortcomings, faults and mistakes. Lastly He is a kind of father whom I Love and Adore the most.

I wouldn’t wish for anything more or less of you paps. You are enough. You have made my life more than i could wish for. God must have loved me soooo much that he gave me a perfect father like you.


Papa, I know i am not getting younger but always remember that i will forever remain your constant kaaway every time you want to do things you know that is bad for you, your “boy macho” doing some matipunong stuff every time your away and lastly your “little girl” running and following you around…

Papa, i know naman kung gaano ako sakit sa ulo niyo ni mama and how much a pasaway daughter i am. And i am really trying the hardest to be so much better. Pero kahit pasaway at panay masakit ang ulo mo sakin mahal na mahal kita ng sobra. Ako parin ang nag-iisang “unico hijo” ng bahay na ito, at ako parin ang nag-iisang mong “BOY” na girl … 🙂 I promise to hold your hand always and forever… I love you papa 🙂

I cant seem to find words to say how i love you and how thankful i am that i have you, but there i said it ” I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”….. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY PAPs! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!


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