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oh my gdavid-archuleta-no-pantsosh!!!im not just liking archuleta im LOVING HIM!!!yay! this is crazy!!!ive seen him from the auditions to finale of american idol 7 and yeah he is really good and damn loveable…ive heardhis debut single CRUSH and the second one the  A LIITLE TOO NOT OVER YOU (not sure if that’s the correct title,its quite tricky and longgg!!) a couple (or maybe a million) times and yeah no doubt he was good…but oh god when i heard his song MY HANDS-i became an INSTANT FAN…im not joking up to now that’s the only song that’s been playing over and over and over again in my playlist!!

this is really serious disease…oh no ADDICTION!!! live and recorded version sounds perfectly the same…try to search or watch his AOL sessions…youre going to LOVE HIM seriously…

try to listen to the recorded version of this one…there’s no single mark of difference…great great vocals


we share same birthday!!!hahaha dec. 28…the only difference was he’s a little younger, he just turn 18…anyways happy bday to us!!


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im one of those happy people right now, because jason castro just added me on his myspace (im not sure on the date but i think its 28th of may when he added me…)and its just now that i got the chance to put this up on my blog…yehey!!!its really good to check out his myspace everyday and just read some of the comments… “lots of people really loves him (and im one of them…hahaha…)and what’s really good about him is that he left a message on his blog to his people…he is really cool because he entertains and answers some of the questions of his fans “how cool is that!!” -not all can do that, so it was so nice to know that he is really great person!!(love it!!) plus i love his relationship to his sister (jackie) and to his whole family, seems like they’re really tight…

about elliott yamin’s myspace- it has been really quite a long time that he’s on myspace…i think it has been really months or if not months maybe a year already…his page is really cool and i absolutelt love it…all the updates are there so its really good for US fans to know what’s up to him…i never thought that there’s so many people who loves elliott , and it was so overwhelming that “you really dont have to win to live your own dream”…

because jason castro (finished 4th on AI 7) and elliott yamin (finished 3rd on AI 5) they’re already living the life that was once they’re wildest imagination…

actually i’ve never been a fan of myspace-more or less i only got 7 friends(i think!) im more into friendster so i never got a chance to update my myspace til now-i only go to my site just to check their site if there’s something new…and i dont care even if i dont have any friends at all…the two of them “they’re priceless!!”

ooppss!!before i forgot…i absolutely love the fan update that he and jackie made…

this only proves that “WINNING ISNT REALLY EVERYTHING”-its good if you will have that greatest prize but if that prize wont be worth of everything, what’s the worth of that thing?! it would only ruin your life…dont let them kill what’s really inside you just like what castro said that the his biggest challenge on the AI is “his brain being dead” leave that behind and start living the way you wanted to be…you dont have to kiss everyones ass “do it in a better and right way, – that wont make you any less but rather it will make you genuinely authentic…there’s nothing wrong about being different”

live the life the way you WANTED to be without facing somebody’s SHADOW…

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oh my gosh!!i can not believe it- DAVID COOK won…i hate it!i hate it! i hate it!-i super hate it!!!-yeah!this might be the most talented american idol season ever but this is also the “manipulated american idol ever”…why?why did cook won-i really dont get it..

but speaking of the finale…i love the performances!!!just like what i imagined-castro performed and he sang “hallelujah”-its fantastic!!!he is still the same- “the goofy castro” as usual…he is amazing “a stellar performance…he might not have the most powerful voice but he got the most powerful performance “he captured everybodys heart and soul”..i just wish there’s already a great video of him singing that song but the videos were still not good …i got goosebumps while i was watching him..

carly and michael johns brought the house down…they were really good!!!wohoo….


i dont have so much to say though..

all i can say is “i was again disappointed!!!”

a lot of stars were seen on the finale-i cant mention them all sorry…some of the performers were american idol’s very own “carrie underwood and jordin sparks” george michael and bryan adams were also in the house…the sensational jonas brothers, zz top and the phenomenal one republic were there smashing the nokia theater…


of course the top12 opened the show!!


and before i forgot…our very own “REYNALDO LAPUZ”


he walked on the stage and sang his very famous song- I AM YOUR BROTHER, even paula and randy stood up and make there way to stage!!!its amazing with all the bands with him and all the cheering squads around…he surely entertained everybody..

i am very much disappointed..i want archuleta to win because he really does deserve it..but hey just look at the brighter side of everything “he would surely knocked cook down”-just like daughtry did to mcphee and how elliott yamin pounded taylor hicks!!! lets just see “WINNING IS NOT EVERYTHING

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whoah!!!the performance night was a blast…it would be more interesting if castro was there on stage (here i go again…)but hey!!it surely had been exploded for lil david (archuleta i mean)…he worked his heart out literally, what i mean is that im really having goosebumps while im watching him- i could really feel his whole heart and soul…he really gave his everything to his performances…he really is a great performer i must say, compare to cook-im not going to say that he is no good at all but based on i just saw and heard “yah!he could sing-he is a skilled and yup perhaps talented young man but folks i cant feel anything whenever he is singing…im sorry but for me the SEASON 7 AMERICAN IDOL IS….DAVID ARCHULETA…i just wish i wont be disappointed again…please please….not again!!!!!

i love archuleta when he sang his first song “dont let the sun go down on me”-whoah i really could feel his magic working on each and everybodys heart, tickling every soul, and making every heart beat double…whooo!!!! archuleta knocked cook down…i just feel like cook underestimated lil david (just a wild thought…) here’s the video of his performance…for me that’s his best performance of the night!!! i cant wait to see the result show tomorrow…more molten hot performances waiting…



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hhmmm…so what can i say tomorrow is the day for the two davids…its the performance night…wohoo!!i cant wait for the result the day after…im goin to see castro and the rest of the top 12…i just wish he will perform solo just like elliott yamin and chris daughtry did back on season 5…

and speaking of the battle between cook and archuleta…hmmm who am i rooting for?!?do i have one?!? the answer—NO!!!i dont have one!!but if you’ll ask who i think would possibly win?!?let me think?!?

david archuleta

this cute lil fellow blow us away with his charm and amazing voice, surely he will continue to make our jaw drop…no doubt he is judges and crowds favorite…can he win it and be the next ameican idol?!?probably the youngest american idol who win the AI…well lets find out!!

david cook
this white boy who melt us away with his fantastic arrangements of his songs and what a performance every performance night..but can he rock it all out and be the next american idol?!?can he be the first rocker americal idol?!?well we still dont know…lets wait till the votes had been casted off…

back to who i think will win the season 7 american idol…i think if JUST talent would work it out—cook will win but if talent plus popularity plus charisma then that would be archuleta…but hey! thats just my verdict…lets just see…im really not excited at all on whose goin’ to win the title but im excited to the finale’ because im going to see the rest of the top12 (plus castro of course!!)…but they’re both great singers though so i give props for them!!!

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