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i should be waking by now, i should be feeling myself somehow; i should be moving and getting my feet off the ground…but im trapped, slowly falling , tightly chained- untouched but emotionally unbounded…

i should stop, no i must stop but i cant- how could i keep myself from falling apart when all i really want is the other way around…as easy as it seems but it is a lot harder trying to act like “oh so natural” but deep inside “its killing you”…

maybe it is better to be like this- JUST like this…im here and you on the other side- i wont wake myself up, i would drown myself close to death and just continue to be a sweet calm wind brushing towards your cheeks….i wont talk- i’ll just listen…


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“you are forever loved”

The flower is slowly dying; the raindrops keep falling,

The sky cries as your face gently fades,

Your smile shadows every

Corner like a soft breeze that brings man to life.


The leaves have withered, the soft wind carried

You back to shore while you laid your back

And allow the blow to carry you away…


Life is too short we know, the rain keeps falling

The tears keep running. Why so sudden?

Why did you let the wave carry you away?

Why did you bid goodbye?


Letting go is far than reality,

Saying goodbye is more than kiss of death;

But the gentle light talked and whispered to you

Saying time has come…


No its not forever, its not goodbye

Go on, your journey has just begun

Your precious heart and pure soul

Our dear, you are forever loved…


to our dear Yui-may you find your peace with our lord saviour


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the time is now…


I was weak

Many times I failed

And I’ve never done

A thing on my way

I was a shadow


And for some reason I cant

Even stand on my feet; my fear

Lives in me and it slowly

Kills inside me…


But I cant let this fear imprison me;

No, I wont let this fear imprison me


And so the time now,

I wont let the grass be withered

No, I wont wait for the world

To stop turning…coz the time is now


To breakaway is the first step

Now I must face the unknown world

Live the dream and

Lead my own fantasy


Yes, courage holds on to

One great eternity and taking

The first hard step leads to



And so the time now,

I wont let the grass be withered

No, I wont wait for the world

To stop turning…coz the time is now


my time is now


for so long ive been so blinded

but now, I know what the wind

tries to shout in its every blow; that

believing is the start to living ;


yes believing is the start to living…

and so the time is NOW…

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a path with no end…


It started with bliss,

Hard to explain

Difficult to define;

If I just known that my life

Would be like this,

I should’ve not let myself

Fall into this;

I’m trapped, and

No matter how hard I try to escape

I cant, I’m stuck


I was never informed that you’ll

Be coming into my life;

You are a perfect surprise, and

To my amazement you

Became a song that played

In my mind, over and over again

I don’t know how to stop;

I danced to the beat, and

Sang with the melody;

Oh boy! This thing makes

Me crazy…   


I tried to resist,

Kept my fingers crossed;

Hold back my feelings, and

I kept trying to convince myself,

That this is not happening; and

You are just one of those colors

in the rainbow waving hello

In my own damn illusion


Perhaps this is what we

call deeper meaning of what really

lies ahead; we basically don’t know

how this thing will end, but

We still put ourselves into this situation;

where there’s really no end…


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You promised me of forever contentment

You gave me life that I never imagined

You are the reason for my existence

You’re forever faithful

You never doubted me

You never fail to love me;

You never fail to love me


Why?!?Why did you give up your life for me;

While I never recognize your love for me

Why?!?Why did you offer your everything to me;

While I’d never been enough for you


You never get tired of reaching me

You never let go of me

You never left me…Father

You never left me


You see things beyond my capabilities

You show me path behind closed doors

You hold me in your arms and

And you never let me go;

You ran after me everytime I ran away

You always made me feel I’m secure;

You always made me feel I’m your special daughter


All my life I’ve been so tough;

Trying to do things my way

But you show me something…

That in your embrace…there

I’ll find peace


My father…in your arms I find

Eternal love…


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fool to wait for the time you’ll see me;

appreciate things that i’ve done to make you happy;

at times i feel that maybe someday you’ll see things through me and make you fall in love with me…

but now…the whole me is exhausted of waiting;

hoping that one day “THAT ONE DAY” will come

now, im not looking back;

things are different now;

im not gonna wait forever,i aint gonna waste my time ;

fooling myself and make myself believe that you’ll run through my door…

time has passed by and it doesnt matter now…


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