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whoah!i was really shocked when my sister texted me that Elliott is going to sing on the result show of AI top 7…o my gosh!!!i was happy, excited and i feel very sorry for myself because i was on deck (duty i mean…) thank god there’s a replay every Sunday and i was able to watch it…as usual he is great and its a bit of crying moment because he shared that it is infact his first time to be on stage without his mom (mama claudette) on the audience ans he had written something on his palm and it goes like “we miss you mom”…mama claudette had just died a couple of weeks ago before elliott got to sing on stage of american idol (it is sad sad but as to what elliott said he knows his mom is happy seeing him performing and giving his heart and soul to the people)…i dont have so much to say and i just want to share his performance on AI…



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You promised me of forever contentment

You gave me life that I never imagined

You are the reason for my existence

You’re forever faithful

You never doubted me

You never fail to love me;

You never fail to love me


Why?!?Why did you give up your life for me;

While I never recognize your love for me

Why?!?Why did you offer your everything to me;

While I’d never been enough for you


You never get tired of reaching me

You never let go of me

You never left me…Father

You never left me


You see things beyond my capabilities

You show me path behind closed doors

You hold me in your arms and

And you never let me go;

You ran after me everytime I ran away

You always made me feel I’m secure;

You always made me feel I’m your special daughter


All my life I’ve been so tough;

Trying to do things my way

But you show me something…

That in your embrace…there

I’ll find peace


My father…in your arms I find

Eternal love…


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my american idol

im a huge american idol fan, probably because i am also a musician by heart so i really enjoy watching AI…i love how ryan seacrest hosts the show plus i adore simon cowell- because among the three of them he really tells the contestants a very good critic that i think the contestants really need to hear for them to know what to improve, unlike paula and randy- paula always say “you’re the real deal!, you’re the dark horse!, you look absolutely gorgeous, you look fantastic etcetera etcetera…. to every AI contestants (yah! i know she can say whatever she wants to say) while randy he’s just ok but sometimes i feel that he’s a little too much and it feels like he is really stepping on the contestants that hard(i dont know why but sometimes he tells some very off comments)…and about the statements that  i have mentioned this is all my own points of views (i apologize to randy and paula lovers i dont hate them though…it was just that simon’s my fave judge…)

i didnt get to watch the AI season 1 and 2, i started watching it in season 3 til now and i can say that my all time AI is ELLIOTT YAMIN of season 5…unfortunately he did not get the title but he finished 3rd…i dont know how i started to like him but all i know is i’ll watch AI just to hear him sing. he is not very good looking like blake lewis or bo bice but he certainly capture my heart…i love the way he sing and i love every bit about him…i remember when simon commend him that “potentially you are the best male vocal that we ever had”…and mind you he only sang his aution piece in 15seconds and he made it!! (sorry i just like a proud mom talking about my son…i just love him!!!) he is full of soul and heart when he sings that’s why i really love him…he certainly made mama claudette (his mom) proud!!!

elliott and his journey in the american idol

Vocalist Elliott Yamin first gained recognition as the second runner-up on the fifth season of the reality show American Idol. Born in 1978 in Los Angeles to a painter father and former professional singer mother, Yamin eventually moved with his family to Richmond, VA, where he attended middle school and high school. Around the time he turned 14, Yamin’s parents divorced, and thus began a period of some personal difficulty for the singer. Already close to 90 percent deaf in his right ear, Yamin was also diagnosed at 16 with type 1 diabetes. In his sophomore year of high school he dropped out and began working at a Footlocker and later as a clerk at a pharmacy. Though Yamin ultimately earned his GED, his focus had already shifted full-time to pursuing a singing career, and he found various performance opportunities including work with a jazz band on a local radio station under the moniker E-Dub.

In 2006, Yamin quit his job at the pharmacy to audition for American Idol in Boston, MA. Singing Leon Russell’s “A Song for You” — made famous by Yamin’s personal idol, soul singer Donny Hathaway — Yamin made it through the first round of auditions and moved on to the second and all-important Hollywood round. A likable performer with a knack for romantic soul ballads and a laid-back stage presence, Yamin was a fan favorite from the start and ultimately made it to the final-three round along with eventual runner-up Katharine McPhee and eventual winner Taylor Hicks. In December of 2006, Yamin announced he had signed a publishing deal with Sony, and he released a cover of Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas” on iTunes. In 2007, Yamin released his self-titled solo album. ~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide.

thats how elliott started and now he is really living his dream- he got his own album with his phenomenal song “wait for you” and his new single “one word”….here’s some of his transformation photos…











he already made something of himself and he will still be my ultimate american idol!!!and here’s his performance in american idol singing his very own song wait for you!!!cheers!cheers!!

result night AI season 6

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facing the giants

last saturday when me, ate nang, yang and mama got to see this movie…whenever we go to mall and shop for vcd’s we always had our fingers to that vcd and then we’ll again drop it back to the rack, but my ate finally bought it and told us that it was great and she wants to see it again, we got interested so we watched it …


and mind you i dont know how to describe my feeling…i cried alot!! i was so touch, the movie is not that fancy infact it is an independent film and the characters were volunteers from a local church and the main character played by alex kendrick is also the director of the movie, but hell yah i dont care…i love the film and i love how the story goes…how they make simple lines and tiny parts of the story very heartfelt!!!

coach grant taylor

Coach Grant Taylor at Shiloh Christian Academy has never had a winning football season. His car breaks down frequently, his house is falling down around him, and he and his wife are unable to have children. When he overhears school parents plotting to have him fired, he reaches a crisis point and prays. The turning point for Coach Taylor is shortly after an intensive time of prayer. An older man who walks the halls of the school praying for the students shows up unexpectedly in the coach’s office with a message of encouragement. The timing of that message overcomes the Coach’s reluctance to change focus.

it involves a short weak boy, David Childers (Bailey Cave), who hopes to play soccer despite the fact his school only offers football. His paraplegic father encourages him to play football only as a kicker, and David is at first reluctant. David’s best kick is barely 35 yards. When the team’s regular kicker is injured by a broken collar bone during the state championship game, David is called upon to kick a field goal 51 yards. His father (Steve Williams) successfully stands and holds onto a fence through monumental physical effort, and says a small prayer. Despite having to kick the ball into a high wind (as explained by the game’s sportcaster) the field goal is made successfully and his team wins.

it also involves a rebellious but talented transfer student, Matt Prater (James Blackwell). His father hopes for a football scholarship for his son, but the son constantly disrespects and disregards his father. After the entire school experiences a revival, and Matt gives his life to Christ, he feels the need to address his father during the school day. Coach Taylor provides the needed ride to Matt’s father’s office, and Matt apologizes to his father for disrespecting his authority. A business associate (David Nixon) of the boy’s father then contributes, “I’d give my right arm to hear my son say that to me.”

Interaction between assistant coaches Brady Owens (Tracy Goode) and J.T. Hawkins, Jr. (Chris Willis) provides comic relief. Brooke Taylor (Shannen Fields) wrestles with supporting her husband while facing continual disappointment in childbearing. This supplies both poignant and comedic moments.

 my tears starts to pour on this part of the movie where coach taylor had already talked to his guys and proposed a new team philosophy that “they will give glory to what-praise him when they win and praise him when they lose”, and after that one guy approach him and told him that students are having bible study in the football court and everybody’s in circles- sharing, crying and reflecting…-i didnt know that that certain part of the movie would really hit me that huge and i really cant help myself but cry i was so overwhelmed…i can still imagine the reaction of coach taylor- shocked and overwhelmed and his also in tears…plus it is also matched with a very beautiful background song that would really touch each and everyone’s heart!!!

another part of the movie where i was really moved- this is where one of his guys would carry their team mate on their back. coach taylor challenge one of his guys if he could carry his team mate upto 50meters of the field, he accepted the challenge. the coach ask him to give him his best and he will never give and so he promised. and with his promise the challenge takes on with his eyes blind folded only hearing his coach’s voice and feeling the heavy team mate on his back. he wants to give and mant times he yells to his coach that its heavy and he didnt want to continue, but the his coach yells back to tell him that-

“you can do it! you promise me you’ll give me your best, dont give on me, do not give up on me now…few more steps, 30 more steps you can do it dont you dare give up on me, you promise you’ll give your best!!20 more steps….10 more steps….”

and he finished it…feeling very exhausted, his body is full of sweat and his muscles were still in shocked when his coach untied his blind fold and told him…

“congratulations you are at the end of the court…with 140lbs. on your back you finished it, that ‘s how strong you are…but his guy corrected him and told him that he is in fact 160lbs”

just like this movie im also asking “what is really my purpose? please god show me something”…i dont know if im doing the things that will glorify our god…this movie made me realize so many things about life and about my realationship to god…i would never forget all the lessons that i have learned upon watching this film that we have to “give everything to god and leave the rest of your everything before god until “there is nothing left”… i wish everyone would have the chance to watch the film…just like what the movie is telling us “we shall never give up and never be afraid”…all of ourlives we our doubting of everything not realizing that  we have our god beside us HE will never leave us…”why worry?!?why are we doubting?!?why are we afraid?!?

what is my purpose?!GOD please show me something….



“give everything to god and leave the rest of your everything before god, until there is NOTHING left”


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