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Jason Castro Experience


March 18, 2010- probably “the most important date to those eye candy and ear candy fanatics”…and for me really it was “the most memorable, unforgettable and one of the happiest moment of my life!!” what a cloud9 experience… I’ve always been one of his crazy fans way back American Idol days and its always pleasant to hear him sing, nothing has changed- he will always remain my 2nd favorite finalist ever stepped on the idol stage ( of course Elliott Yamin captured my heart 1st)…well he finished the race bagging the 4th spot but it didn’t matter, 2 years have gone long by and even him probably had already slipped that on his mind…back to where i was saying we watched his promotional tour at Trinoma Activity Center…and because we were pretty excited we came really early and mind you the long wait was soooo worth it, we got the chance to be part of the 1st 100 who purchased his EP album and with that, the huge opportunity to meet him, greet him and hug him was in the bag!!! wohooo…. jason castro himself will sign our CD after the show!!!! 

before the show


nice crowd


well while waiting, my sisters and i were talking “hindi yan mapupuno konti lang fans ni jason baka nga tayo lang tatlo”…but we were sooo wrong, the whole stage was set and here comes the pile of people waiting for the gate to open, wow! “hindi lang pala kami, madami palang jason castro fans!!!weheee”… 

pure perfection


 15-20 minutes before the show…there he came lookin’ sooo good wearing super cool “green top with lil accessories” and “blue jeans”…everyone went crazy…”waaahhh jason!!! wooooh!!!” then he said hi and everyone said including us “happy birthday!!”… 


singing hallelujah


the show lasted for not more than an hour probably 45 minutes (even less) but for a super fan like me, it was a cherry on the cake!! i really enjoyed every bit of it…he sang 8 songs- some on his EP album and the 2 defining songs he ever performed on idol stage (somewhere over the rainbow and hallelujah)…i love the part where he sang let’s just fall in love again and he make us sing the chorus part!! he ended his show with a sweet note, the way he sang “hallelujah” was pure perfection! 







he was probably playing with his dreads...:)


after the show, we had that one great chance to actually meet him flesh to flesh and face to face!!! hearing him was a treat, seeing him was a bonus but being able to be in-front of him, shook his hand and had a chance to talk to him was heaven! i can hardly explain it…right now im just a having a little flash back of what had happened i could still smell him ( peeps: he doesnt smell bad at all-well i dont know if  it was mandy’s or if he wears perfume or cologne or maybe his sweat (kidding…) it was really really light and girl-ish in some way…but well enough of his scent… he was really nice “he was really making some effort to have a lil chat to his fans even though the guards were so strict! he remain cool and beautiful… 


cant wait for him to come back!! concert baby!!!


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All i want is to break free
i feel like the world is giving the worst in me;
sometimes it seems like its almost over-
but before it turned on its end;
here it comes back again and it’s worst than ever…

Dear god- What do you want from me?
i know you love me, i know you do.
everyday i wake up-feeling and hoping that,
little by little the pain will go away…
the moment will just slipped by-
when will these things come to an end?

i need answer! dear god i need answer
Questions keep rushing through my head;
Am i doing things the wrong way?
because if im doing things not right-
please help me make it right…

im wounded: my knees are hurting and my heart keeps bleeding…
my soul is shattered and I AM BROKEN!
i know i have you beside me- watching me: dressing up my wound,
holding me with your loving arms
and carrying me now that i have FALLEN APART…

slowly im losing my FAITH;
shamelessly im letting you down.
i know you dont want to see me putting my last sword down but please-
i need you now, rescue me…i am gasping.
my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer, my forever Faithful Father,
my Provider and my Deliverer-LEAD ME HOME


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