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I grew up calling her mama- 33 years of her motherhood has been a blessing to us… and i dont even know how to describe her. She has this 6 elastic hands and 3 sets of her perfect 360 degree vision..she definitely is not Ms. Perfect but she certainly is mommarrefic and momfantastic…i may not be the right person writing something like this, i probably am the most stubborn and most pasaway daughter ever but please let me share how grateful i am to have a perfectly wonderful mama…


Mama, i know i am not vocally expressive towards my feelings. Most of the time, it may seem that i dont care but really i do…The generation gap seems to be a huge hindrance for us to really understand each other and i know you’re trying your very best to cope up with us and get the hang of our language and i appreciate that…im sorry, if sometimes youre trying to get into my mind and ask a lot of questions and i dont even give a nice answer to your questions…i know most of the time what you want is just for me to open myself up a little more, give some of my little time to you and papa where we could just have a “real talk”…and lastly im sorry if im writing everything that i want to say…

Thank you! Thank you for being my mama, i cannot see myslef having a different mama…thank you coz youre never changing and you’re just always there…salamat ng sobra sobra

I love you mama!!!


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