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ateneo blue eagles literally bag the crown after winning the 2nd game by a mile…wohoo! hi5 atenistas!!!


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my featured artist…CAPO

so after hearing and listening to their songs and seeing and watching them on their “youtube” now i can truly say “IM A FAN” in an instant! yes! yes! yes! just like what i have said im not a big fan of OPM bands and songs and just now as in now i got my FIRST and the ONLY OPM band on my LIST and that is none other than CAPO!!!!! yeah hah baby…you should hear ’em singin’, they do have song cover songs and original compositions….so if you dont have so much to do GO! and hear and listen to them plus see and watch them on “youtube”….

they may have the simplest words but man those words really cling into your heart…every words whisper to our very ears…i also WRITE (just like what i have said in my previous entries its really the heart that talks more than your mind and more than what your fingers could actually type! its the PASSION plus the DEDICATION…)  and just like them i also want to reach and touch each and everyone’s soul through my words…so i really give props to them!!cheers cheers! 🙂 

here’s a link…click here!

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waaaahhhh!!!!im starting to really LOVE them, totally! whew! i dont know whats with their song but when i start to listen to them literally i couldnt stop….waaahhhh really addictive!!! the catchy beat and melody plus the very soothing voice match with the oh so lyrics…

here’s the video and lyrics of the song…simple yet very sweet!!! LOVE it!!


Hey turn the volume up,
I’m lying on my side,
Your voice weaving me dreams,
As i fall in deep sleep. 


By the time i wake up,
You will be just beside,
As i wait for that beam
Of smile you cast a-brief. 


Writing words became a challenge,
To express how lovely my days begin.
With you beside throughout the evening,
My nights are spent with blissful serene.

Now I won’t mind sleeping sideways with you.
I would even share my dreams and my pillows too.
Here in my arms you’re safe and warm my boo.
And I won’t mind growing old, sideways with you.

I’ve longed for love to happen,
Days be filled with poetry.
I never thought they were possible,
Until that day you came to me.

My bed’s made for a cat and one,
Without you it feels so empty.
So I don’t mind sleeping sideways,
Just so long as you’re with me.

Baby you have no idea,
How old songs find new meaning.
You make me start believing,
That love can happen,
Love can happen.

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yehey!!!at long last i found a very very nice OPM song…it has been really awhile since i had an OPM song spinning around in my mind over and over again…why?because im not really a huge fan of OPM songs…its not that i dont find it good or its not because im not proud of PINOY MUSIKA…im also asking myself why am i not enjoying pinoy songs…and my aswer would always be I DONT KNOW?! maybe im really looking far far beyond of what pinoy composers and singers could have done, because i know how talented pinoys are when it comes to MUSIKA….and now I HAVE FOUND IT! yeah baby! finally!

actually, my sister was the first one to discover this great band…their band name is CAPO (the device use in guitars to hold the strings and it also raises the pitch…)

they are not like HALE, SPONGE COLA, SANDWHICH and all the other bands that is really really active in the music scene, but they have guested in some tv shows like Y-SPEAK, and breakfast…so basically my sister have once view their profile in the very popular “youtube”…she asked me to download their video and convert it to mp3 and so i did…after that i tried to listen to their song and to my amazement, i just saw myself transferring it to my phone and just listening to it day in and day out!!! woah!ADDICTIVE…

so here’s the video and the lyrics of the song…I JUST LOVE IT…MY CURRENT FAVORITE!!!! i really do give credit to the composer of this song my billy “bogs” castro you are an exceptional writer, keep on inspiring other people through your words…

copyrighted song 2006

Some people say i’m difficult,
An asshole and a prick.
At times i look so tough and strong,
But that’s not me underneath.

They tell me where i need to go,
What i should know, who i need to be.
You always push me but there’s no need to.

If you’ll just knock on my door,I’ll let you in.
Don’t go through my window ‘cos your head won’t fit in.
No need to shout, i’m listenin.
Just knock and i will let you hear the echo within.

My friends they know me better than i know myself.
They’re my redemption when i’m in need of help.
I know where i am goin and what i should know, who i need to be.
Please try to understand this is me.

If you’ll just knock on my door,I’ll let you in.
Don’t go through my window ‘cos your head won’t fit in.
No need to shout, i’m listenin.
Just knock and i will let you hear the echo within.

If you’ll just know on my door, i’ll let you in.
Don’t worry bout the dogs my friend, they’d just lick your skin.
Don’t be afraid to smile with me and sing.
Knock and i will let you hear the echo within.

love the meaning behind this great words…a big thanks to CAPO well maybe the topic of my speech would be more likely about the meaning of this great song…wink! 😉 wink 😉

if you want to hear more of their songs, and know more about their band…visit these sites

click here capoband page!

click here bubugoy blog!

click here youtube site!

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my nephew mj after messing and scattering the whole house( look at the background…all toys!!!) he climb himself up to the pc and start clicking…haha so cool to watch!!!

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last Saturday-september 6…i have finally decided to pass an entry for the essay writing contest…if you’ll going to ask me why- my answer would be I DON’T KNOW…i just received a text message night before the last day of submission and i dont have something to do so i start typing…the topic given was “THE NURSE’S ROLE IN NATION BUILDING”…

and here’s my entry…


Exactly 3 years and 3 months…I am now a fully pledge 4th year nursing student of Far Eastern University, and approximately 7 months to go I am oblige to leave the Institute that once became my home and my family…What can I say? What do you expect me to say? Thoughts keep rushing through my head and I basically don’t know where to start or how I am going to fill this up…Nursing, nursing, nursing- I don’t think there’s any single person who doesn’t have any idea about this course.

Back when I was in high school, me and my friends were looking and finding some Universities where we could apply for entrance examination and part of that searching was of course asking each other what courses are we planning to take up- one said Hotel and Management and the other one said Civil Engineering and the remaining 3 including me proudly said Nursing… I don’t know what I was thinking at that very moment may be I was still young back then and all I know was I have to pick a course and that course was NURSING… Just like any other nursing student, I am also looking forward of getting a job outside the country, earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars and finding my fortune at the land we call AMERICA…

Looking back at those days makes me feel a bit sad- how immature, selfish and greedy I am to think of those things…whoa! I am one of those handful…I am one of them!!! Having that thought made me again think and question myself? How many of us nursing students still thinking about making money and just purely bathing and just decorating themselves with thousands and millions of US or EURO dollars? There is nothing wrong about reaching for something and climbing the peak of your own Mount Everest. Everybody wants to create something for themselves; nobody wants to be a flash in the pan. And it is always better to dream BIG rather than not to dream at all…

I am only a few months away of walking in an auditorium, getting and finally holding my own diploma. If I could only say that finally it was all over but I as much as I wanted to scream and shout it out loud I couldn’t because literally it was only the beginning of the ever revolving and changing world. My life starts right here after the GRADUATION… what’s next? What’s in store? Licensure examinations, masteral, NCLEX, CGFNS, IELTS, etcetera, etcetera… and after that, again what’s next? Training, seminars, and two years experience and finally our dream world waiting for us…

What can we offer to the world? What can we share to them? What can we give? Are we ready to offer our lives to the people? Are we ready to share our lives to them? Are we ready to give ourselves to the world? Have we ever asked ourselves what really lies ahead? It’s not always about us getting what we want and having all that we need. Life is all about living; living is all about learning; learning is all about opening ourselves; opening ourselves is all about giving our life, our whole being and our everything to the world…that’s us-that is what NURSING is all about…

I never thought that I could be sensible as this in just a very short span of time but please hear my words, allow me to write my thoughts…Pinoy nursing students, Pinoy Registered nurses and I myself as a Nursing Student- are we living; learning; opening ourselves; giving our life, our whole being and our everything to our own nation? Think!  

…so that’s my entry, im not really expecting that i would be part of the final round and i was just really shocked when they texted me that i qualified for the final competition…i dont know if i did well on the final stretch of the essay writing…anyways it was a great chance to see other nursing students plus dean Borromeo was there and just like what she always does- she again made an opening remarks…woah! she is really an inspiration!!! so that’s it i dont have so much story!!!!

🙂 ciao


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UNIBERSIDAD ng PILIPINAS PEP SQUAD made it again!! for the second time they bag the crown!!! with their very unique tribal concept and what a costume and all their explosive stunts, surely they made the big dome beg for more…

UST SALINGAWI TROUPE bag the first prize with their undying go uste cheer and long live spirit truly made their team standout!!!

and ofcourse last but certainly NOT the least…

FEU “BLAZING TAMARAWS” CHEERING SQUAD finish the competion bagging the second prize…with all the fire burning on their faces and all the foot works, stunts and pyramids… 

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